Ragnit Technology Ltd.
Ragnit Technology Ltd. is the main financial partner in the structure of the Ragnit Holding Ltd. The purpose of the creation of Ragnit Technology Ltd. is the development, implementation and maintenance of a new investment instrument - RAGNIT TOKEN (RGT). The company Ragnit Technology Ltd. is also a financial partner and investor of the Ragnit Holding Ltd. in all investment projects being implemented by the holding.
The project of creating a compact shipyard /"Building a plant for the production of small vessels"/ is based on marketing research data, studying the research work "Analysis of the technical condition, trends and development trends of the Russian fishing fleet", the results of many years of analytical work.
The "THIRD MEASUREMENT" project emerged as a result of solving transport and logistical problems in business processes related to the delivery of large-size indivisible goods to hard-to-reach areas.
RAGNIT Holding Ltd., proceeds to the practical implementation of the project for the construction of an oil terminal of the first category. It is planned to design and build an oil terminal with a tank capacity of 135,000 m3 of one-time loading.

The Project "The development of a small fishing boat plant"
The Project «Oil Terminal»
Ragnit Token (RGT) token formed on the Ethereum Blockchain protocol in accordance with the ERC-20 standard.
Ragnit Token is an asset that is fully secured by projects.
With the commissioning of the Compact Shipyard and the "Oil terminal" project and in the process of selling the token on the exchange, taking into account the increased capitalization, according to experts, the price of assets will constantly increase, and the value of the RGT token will increase.
Ragnit Token is issued in a fixed volume. Starting price: 1RGT = 1CHF


Token Distribution 20 000 000 000 RGT

Сontract address - 0xBAA11E7cd6d23E83C48B2063226ac6Afbc8aFC42
View contract - https://etherscan.io

"Ragnit" Holding 10 000 000 000 RGT
Bonuses and advertising companies 200 000 000 RGT
Pre-sale 1 000 000 000 RGT
Open sale 8 800 000 000 RGT
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E-mail: director@ragnit.ru

Head of International Department - Yuliya Smolnikova
+7 9062 377 623 (English language)
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