The "THIRD MEASUREMENT" project emerged as a result of solving transport and logistical problems in business processes related to the delivery of large-size indivisible goods to hard-to-reach areas.
The authors named the project "THIRD MEASUREMENT", since it assumes the possibility of mastering the airspace of the planet in the entire range of unoccupied heights, according to the third dimension.
In the process of working on the project, it turned out that its implementation comprehensively solves tasks of a more global nature.
For Russia, this is the full-scale development of hard-to-reach territories in the Arctic, Siberia, and the Far East. At the same time, the use of RVK Aeronautical product makes it possible to most effectively use traditional types of transport, infrastructure, financial and labor resources, and to minimize the environmental burden on the environment.
For the countries of Asia and the Middle East - this is the solution of issues of supplying fresh water, the solution of issues of delivering any goods to hard-to-reach regions, the solution of questions of global and regional logistics.
For the countries of the African continent, North and South America - the solution of any logistical problems, the development of hard-to-reach areas, both in the tropical zone and in remote mountainous terrain.
Of particular note is the possibility of using RVK Aeronautical product in the aftermath of natural disasters and man-made accidents. Tactical and technical characteristics of RVK product make it possible to conduct any search and rescue operations as effectively as possible in a year-round operation under all weather conditions.
Work on the RVK product, main systems, design solutions, product layout, power plant, revealed the unlimited potential of using RVK to solve any applied logistic tasks in virtually all sectors of the economy, both in Russia and in solving logistical problems of other states.
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