RAGNIT Holding Ltd., proceeds to the practical implementation of the project for the construction of an oil terminal of the first category. It is planned to design and build an oil terminal with a tank capacity of 135,000 m3 of one-time loading. After completion of the terminal construction, the export of light oil products in the amount of up to 3.5 million tons per year is expected. Oil products will be exported by sea-river and sea-class tankers.
The right of the General Contractor for the RAGNIT Oil Terminal project is granted to TECHNOEDIF ENGENHARIA, SA. (Portugal).
In agreement with our strategic partner, the bulk of petroleum products will be supplied to EU countries and countries of South-East Asia. The design of the Terminal will use the standards of the Russian Federation and the EU, the experience of work of European and Russian specialized companies. All coordination with the state structures of the Russian Federation, RAGNIT Holding Ltd. takes on himself.

The implementation of the project RAGNIT Oil Terminal is carried out within the framework of the energy program of RAGNIT Holding Ltd.
The acquisition of more than 30% Ragnit Token
at the Pre-Sale stage,
gives RGT holder maximum preferences in the RAGNIT Oil Terminal project.
Payment for petroleum products supplied under export contracts is possible in both the contract currency and RGT.
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